Healthy Christmas Bircher Parfait

bircher parfait

Bircher Parfait – so Christmassy looking! Takes 5mins to create a heap of these in the morning, just have your fruit chopped & your seeds soaked the night before :)


Blend11 (activated / soaked overnight in water). Use approx 2 tablespoons of dry mix per person you are catering for.

Yoghurt of your choice. Coconut – we love Pure n Free, vanilla, natural Greek…whatever will most suit your guests.

Chopped cherries, strawberries & kiwifruit. You can use anything red & green really – ie green & red grapes, pomegranate, green apple, red plums…


The night before:
1) soak seeds in water as per directions on pack. (watch how to / why soak video)
2) chop fruit & store reds & greens separately. You can obviously chop it freshly in the morning, just do it overnight if pushed for time.

In the morning:
1) mix yoghurt through the soaked Blend11 until it is nice & creamy.
2) layer the Bircher mix into the glasses, with a layer of red fruit & a layer of green in between.
3) top with fruit to finish

Serves Approx

Can adjust quantities to suit

Enjoy this recipe!

Jeanie :-)

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