Chocolate Ice-cream Dessert Tarts (Vegan)


These are so delicious you’ll definitely be tempted to eat your desserts first and so simple!


1) A tub of  coconut icecream (I used ‘Cocoluscious’ in chocolate flavour).

2) Some Bliss Ball Mix mix combined with the coconut oil (as directed on pack) or cacao butter. I added a dash of vanilla essence to the mix & half a cup of activated Blend 11. You could add more shredded coconut or flaked almonds etc.

3) For the sauce – Raw cacao powder, rice malt syrup (or maple, raw honey,agave etc) coconut oil & vanilla essence. Mix in a warm pan until it tastes nice & looks like a sauce! (Approx 2 tbsp oil with a teaspoon of cacao & teaspoon of sweetener).



Leave some icecream out on the bench to get just soft enough to squish into ‘shells’.

To make the shells, just press the ball mix into muffin trays, approx 2mm deep, leaving a nice hollow in the centre for filling. Gently spoon / squish the softened icecream into the shells. Put tray in the freezer until hard. Before serving, place the muffin tray breifly into a tray of hot water (to loosen the shells from the muffin tray as the oil melts a little). Top with a strawberry / raspberries, drizzle with sauce & eat!


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