Chocolate blends


Dairy free creamy chunky chocolate blends with the goodness of essential oils

1 cup Blend 11 or Blend 13, activated over night

250g Changing Habits Cacao Wafers or Cacao Butter with 50-80g cacao powder
50-100 pure raw honey
50g coconut oil
1/4 tspn Himalayan sea salt
1 tspn pure vanilla extract
50g pure coconut milk powder (Tony Sfeirs 1kg is a great brand from some Go Vita stores) or alternatively another option is pure coconut cream
10 drops Orange essential oil (or peppermint oil) – optional

The thermomix method is to grind cacao wafers spd 5/10 seconds. Add honey, coconut oil, salt, vanilla. Set at 37 deg/10 mins/spd 3. The time may vary between 7 minutes and a few more than 10, or even up to 20 mins if doing double quantity.
When your chocolate is smooth, melted and runny you add your essential oil if using (add drops to taste!), and coconut milk powder or cream and blend for no more than 30 seconds to 1 minute, at a low to med speed, until just mixed/combined. Within 2 minutes of adding a powder or cream the mix will begin to separate and lump up.
DO NOT blend your chocolate mix with powders or creams for any length of time. The quicker you add your creaminess and pour it into a tray the better your result.

Line a tray with baking paper and spread out some goodMix blend of choice. Pour your chocolate over the blend and swirl through a little to mix it in and through quickly. Throw your tray immediately into the freezer to set.

Take from the freezer and break or chop into chunks. Store in the fridge. Enjoy.

Serves approx
Fills a lamington or slice tray

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