Chocky Cocoa Bliss Balls

cocoa bliss balls recipe

You will be in heaven…with this chocky cocoa bliss balls recipe …. pure chocolate deliciousness 💗💗💗


1 x 375g Bliss Ball mix
90g of coconut oil melted
100g 70% Dark Chocolate
Desiccated Coconut


1. Melt 50g of the dark chocolate and 1/2 of the coconut oil in a double saucepan over simmering water or in a microwave for 30 seconds at a time until its liquid stirring each time
2. Pour into the Bliss Ball mix and stir well
3. You can add optional Desiccated Coconut if you want but be careful not to make the mix too dry
4. Roll into balls and then roll in the Desiccated Coconut place on baking paper in a container and place in fridge to allow them to set for around an hour
5. Melt the rest of the coconut oil and dark chocolate and dip the balls in the chocolate mix

Serves Approx


Thank you to Monica Smith for this recipe!

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