Choc Blackberry Tarts


Amazing guilt-free summer dessert! Deliciously cold, totally decadent & gluten free, dairy free & refined sugar free! These look amazing & are so simple to make – plus, use your imagination & there are loads of variations possible!


2 cups Vegan Bliss Ball Mix mixture
2 cups frozen blackberries (frozen raspberries, cherries or boysenberries would work equally well).
50ml coconut oil (add a dash of vanilla essence to mask the coconut a little if you’re not a big fan, or use a ‘not-so-strong’ tasting one).

Natural unsweetened coconut yoghurt (though you could use any thick yoghurt in a plain, vanilla, berry or choc flavour). Coconut ice cream would be amazing in these too.
Extra berries for the top. You could go all out & drizzle some melted dark choc on top too (I didn’t, but might do it next time!)


1.Blend the blackberries, coconut oil & BallBag mix in a food processor until smooth(ish).

2.Spoon your semi-frozen purple mixture into a silicone muffin tray & use a spoon / wet fingers to press mixture into the sides & shape a hollow into the centre (make sure the ‘walls’ are relatively even & at least 3-5 mm in thickness, but don’t worry if they look a bit messy)!

3.Place in the freezer to set hard (I left mine for a few hours).

4.Remove cases from the freezer, check that they’re solid & then remove each one quickly from your silicone tray by pushing the bottoms up & ‘inside out’. (Or just take one out at a time if this is ‘your’ special clean treat – the rest will keep in the freezer for weeks!)

5.Fill your case / cases with dollops of yoghurt & top with another frozen berry, eat straight away / once the shell is semi-defrosted (soft enough to spoon through easily, but not too melty!)

Serves Approx

7-8 big muffin size tarts or loads of tiny bite size ones.

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