Choc-Banana Nice Cream + Blend11 or Blend13 Sprinkles


The original way I introduced this ‘weird seedy mix’ to my kids was sprinkled onto or blended into a smoothie like this. Healthy ice cream with magic sprinkles, that you can have for breakfast, yay! Soak your seeds for best results, but the occasional sprinkle of dry ones is great contrasting crunch for the creamy smoothie.


2X ripe frozen bananas (chopped)
2 tbsp of coconut yoghurt (choc, vanilla or plain)
2 dessert spoons of raw cacao powder
A sprinkle of Blend11 or Blend13 for the topping

Optional extras / changes:
Try this with whatever fruit is in season, that you can pick up cheaply & freeze! This works great with frozen mango / passion fruit / pineapple / berries. Just maybe not choc & tropical flavours together – but the basic ‘coconut yoghurt plus frozen fruit’ combo makes an awesome nice-cream base, then feel free to add in your fave protein powder, hempseeds, vanilla essence, or whatever else! Just always make sure you’ve got plenty of fat, fibre & protein combined with your fruity smoothies, to minimise blood sugar spiking & ensure it’s a filling & nourishing meal.


Add everything into the blender & push go (add a little liquid / pulse to get started if needed), then serve with a sprinkle of seed mix on top.

Tip: I find it easier to blend making a double quantity, then you can pour the extra into ice cream moulds & freeze. Healthy snacks for later sorted too.

Serves Approx

2 little people or one big person


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