Nothing complicated, just pure Bliss! All kinds of yum with the perfect balance. Nutrient dense and free of gluten, dairy with minimal fructose Tahini Bombs!


400g activated goodMix blend11 (soak approx. 2 cups of dry mix)
240g almond meal (grind raw almonds – 2Die4 Live Foods Activated Nuts)
20g cacao powder
60g cacao butter shavings
½ tspn Himalayan salt
2 tspns cinnamon
45g (2 Tblspns) Tahini
180g medjool dates, blended into a date paste (approx. 15 dates)
2 tspns vanilla extract (Chefs Choice is great brand)

Approx 50g Coconut for rolling balls in.



**Activate your blend11 overnight, ensuring not to make it too wet!

Grind almonds until fine and into a meal consistency.
Remove seeds from medjool dates and blend until forming a ball, sticky and paste like. A bamix bowl/blade set is perfect for this job.

Shave off shavings of cacao butter using a knife.

In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients and mix with your hands or a wooden spoon until well combined. Your mix should form nice balls to roll into coconut or other desirable coating. If by chance the mix is too wet/sticky add a little more almond meal. If a tad too dry add a little more of a moist ingredient, or simply moisten your hand with filtered water.

As with the activated goodMix blends, I advise refrigerating balls for no more than a few days. Preferably, freeze bliss bombs to keep for a time, allowing time to defrost before serving.

Serves approx

Approx 20 balls @ 50g each


Thanks to Kerry Eulenstein for this awesome Cacao Bliss Bombs recipe!!
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