Clearly….why anything else when it comes to a spread? With it’s profile…beginning with epic enzyme activity, there’s definitely value in this simple nut butter. Made with love. Simple, delicious and nourishing. So go on…butter up, spread love and spread it good…

**(GRIND your Blend11, then soak refined blend overnight…1/2 cup liquid to every 1 cup mix)

1 cup/100g activated goodMix Blend11 (grind the blend to make fine, then soak)
10g ghee/1 Tblspn
50g avocado oil
5g/1 tspn cinnamon
Pinch of Himalayan salt
½ tspn vanilla extract
20-30g coconut palm sugar (or to taste)

For a twist…lemon juice
For chocolate nut butter…cacao powder

**Activate your ‘ground’ Blend11 overnight, as per instructions!

Take your refined activated/soaked blend and put it in the thermomix or a blender with the remaining ingredients. Blend until mixed well, and a spreadable butter.

Nut butter sets a little firmer when refrigerated. The consistency prior refrigeration is thick, so adding more oil or a tad of water if you wish for a thinner butter.

Enjoy your activated nut butter where you would typically use a spread.

Serves approx
Makes approx 300g


Thanks to Kerry Eulenstein for this amazing recipe!!
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