need a detox

28 key signs that your body needs a detox

Big weekends, the kids, bad diets, the kids, crazy work hours, the kids, and everything in between. You might not have had time to realize, but there is a good chance your body is just screaming out for a little detox.

So, we’ve made it super-easy. Go through this list & if you answer yes to any of these, you could benefit from our easy detox programme.

The more you say yes, the more your body needs help!

Take the Quiz!

Q1. You’re tired on waking. After a decent night’s sleep, would you rather roll over and sleep some more?

Q2. You have a poor morning appetite and are unable to eat breakfast straight after waking. Does the thought of eating food early make you feel queasy?

Q3. Rashes, acne, blotchiness, bumps, cysts, accesses, itching. Are these skin problems you experience?

Q4. Do you often suffer from vaginal thrush/yeast infections, or fungal nail, skin or scalp issues?

Q5. Feeling Bleh. Do you often feel bloated, swollen, ‘fluidy’ or puffy?

Q6. Poo time. Do you generally move your bowels less than twice daily, are constipated frequently, or have IBS, diarrhoea or irregular bowel habits?

Q7. Are you are really sensitive to chemicals, perfumes, strong smells and or alcohol?

Q8. Do you strongly crave sugar, sweets, carbohydrates, alcohol and just cannot go without them?

Q9. Do you often feel sleepy during the day, especially after meals?

Q10. Do you experience a lot of ‘brain fog’ (inability to think clearly / concentrate, fuzziness in your brain, poor memory)?

Q11. Do you have eczema, asthma, allergies, and/or hay fever?

Q12. Can you not tolerate alcohol like you used to, and get really bad hangovers?

Q13. Do you have frequent or constant aches and pains in your muscles and joints?

Q14. Are you carrying excess fat, especially abdominal fat, a pot belly, or a ‘beer gut’?

Q15. Are you moody, irritable, don’t cope well with stress, or suffer with depression or anxiety?

Q16. Do you have an autoimmune disease?

Q17. Do you have gallbladder problems or have had it removed due to previous problems?

Q18. Do you have trouble with your hormones? Such as PMS, bad fluid retention, irregular periods, skin breakouts?

Q19. Do you have bad breath and/or a coated tongue?

Q20. Can you not function properly without your morning coffee?

Q21. Can you not function properly without beer, wine, alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs?

Q22. Do you always have bad body odour?

Q23. Do you get frequent headaches?

Q24. Do you suffer with sinus congestion?

Q25. Do you frequently get heartburn or indigestion?

Q26. Are your triglycerides & cholesterol too high or out of balance?

Q27. Is your immunity poor? Do you seem to catch everything going around or get the most severe version?

Q28. Do you have puffiness or dark circles under your eyes?

How’d you go?

Are you some sort of super human and had all no? Or did you fall out of your chair at about question 18 thinking you may as well change your middle name to be tox!

If you finished with plenty of yes’s, or received none at all and wish to continue living the clean, green life; be sure to check out our detox bundle which includes a copy of our FREE rest and reset detox plan.