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Rest & reset detox plan



How will this detox plan help?

# 1 Increase willpower & self control around food

# 2 Break harmful addictions to everyday foods

# 3 Increase awareness of the effects foods have on our body & mind.

# 4 Reset an out of control appetite to decrease tendency towards over eating.

# 5 Give the digestive organs & liver a break.

Not only do you get the 15 page detox plan – we are also giving you email access to our Naturopath Jeanie who will endeavour to answer every one of your questions or concerns when completing this detox.

Important note: Step by step detox plan only – you will find everything else needed at good health food stores (Always get the nod from your healthcare professional before embarking on any detox, particularly if taking any medications).

7 reviews for Rest & reset detox plan

  1. Hi I buy my good mix regularly from Marina Mirage Markets, have been doing so for past 6months. How do I access the detox program if I dont purchase online?

  2. Hi I’m the same but I buy from surfers markets ,also loving the ball bag mix :)

  3. I set up an account to buy online, but you don’t send to P O boxes, why not ? Your parcels won’t go through my mailbox at home.. :(

  4. I just purchased the 5kg dealer. Can i download the detox plan for free?

  5. Hi guys – you can all have a Detox plan – please email me a request at and I will reply with it attached :-)

  6. Hi Emma – please contact my mobile and we can discuss a way to get it to you. 0424 170 545 :-)

  7. I would like a copy of the detox plan if that is possible

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