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Looking for a paleo bircher muesli? Blend13 (formally known as Neoblend) is the perfect balance of fruits, seeds and nuts. A grain-free, paleo muesli for the modern gatherer!

A fruitier, nuttier version of our original super-breakfast, ‘Blend11’. It’s useful to help support digestive function & gut health, with similar nutritional benefits, but is completely grain free. Like the Blend11, you must activate / soak overnight prior to eating.


This mix has been designed well as fantastic taste, appearance & texture – same as Blend 11, but also to fit in with a Paleo diet (it’s completely grain free).

Neo can be eaten with coconut yoghurt, in a smoothie, a protein shake, with chopped fruit, on top of another breakfast…or made into slices / balls / bars for lunch boxes or snacks. Just remember to store somewhere cool & airtight, and soak overnight before eating for maximum value!

What’s in goodMix ‘NeoBlend’?



Chia seeds  


Black Sesame seeds




Brazil Nuts


Macadamia nuts


Goji Berries 




Neo nutritional panel

NeoBlend must be activated or soaked overnight (same as Blend11, as per instructions) to ensure ease of digestion & maximum nutrient absorption.

For the strict Paleo, NeoBlend goes beautifully with coconut yoghurt, or can be added into Paleo-friendly smoothies / shakes etc. No need to add fruit, it’s all there, which makes the blend almost tasty enough to eat just activated, with nothing else added!

For the regular user, Neo can be used in exactly the same way as Blend11 (balls, Bircher, bars, breakfast topper), remembering that there’s already some fruit so not to go overboard with added sweetness.