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Want to get your healthy on ? Well, you’re in the right place :)

Get your hands on the goodMix products all together for a 15% bundle saving!!

Enjoy the full range & see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

Simply choose from the sizes in the drop-down options, & breakfast, dessert, snacks & super-greens are all sorted !

For reference:

Both Blend 11 and Blend 13

1.3kg bags (26 serves)

800g bags (16 serves)

400g bags (8 serves)

150g bags (3 serves)

These will supercharge your breakfast /smoothies & are delicious as a dessert !

Greens + Aloe

80g (16 serves)

450g (90 serves)

Clean, organic supergreens (no sweeteners, fillers or flavouring), with a good dose of organic aloe vera (pure inner-leaf gel).  Add to your smoothie, juices or just mix with ice water &  a squeeze of lemon/lime.

Bliss Balls – Vegan Protein Ball Mix

750g (30 serves)

375g (15 severs)

Between meals, pre & post workout, or just a guilt-free choc hit to satisfy cravings.

Treat one of your friends to one of our healthy hampers and get one for yourself too!

Burger Mix: Vegan Gluten Free Pattie & Cracker Mix

400g (16 serves)

800g (32 serves)

burger Mix is so versatile! Create delicious vegan gluten free crackers as well as vegan veggie patties with this premix.

Flavour: Middle Eastern Spice – a peppery felafel kind of taste.

  • For people who love their savoury nibbles…platters, dips, cheeses, nuts, olives etc – these will fit right into your healthy party platters or your everyday clean-eating lunchbox.
  • Gluten free crackers that are not just an empty carb ‘carrier’.
  • Super nutritious, grain free, protein & fibre rich, very filling, crunchy & delish – you can even make your own shapes & sizes! It’s really easy (not like making seed crackers from scratch)!

What’s in goodMix ‘Blend 11’?

Chia seeds – Certified organic
Goji Berries – Certified organic
Cacao nibs – Certified organic
Amaranth – Certified organic
Millet – Certified organic
Pepitas – Certified organic
Sesame seeds – Certified organic
Linseeds – Certified organic
Buckwheat – Certified organic
Coconut – Certified organic
Almonds – Not organic

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