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  1. Blend11: It’s the best, I’ve been adding about a 1/4 Cup to a bowl of blue berries, strawberries a banana grapefruit in season and sugar free coconut yogurt. I never tire of the delicious mixture to start my day. It definitely lifts my energy vibes making a great difference in mind and body. Soon expecting my 78th birthday, I am eternally grateful for finding this healthy wake up booster. Thank you Jean

    I also start each day out with a hot cup of Green + Aloe. There are many ways to enjoy this energy boost but I like it hot with the juice of half a lemon. Listening to my body when I’m tired after weeding my garden or trekking up and down the hills or working out at CrossFit, an afternoon cup is all that I need to refresh before resume my active schedule.
    I’m a Type II Diabetic that controls my sugar level with a healthy, no sugar diet and exercise but sometimes I just feel like having a big bowl of ice cream. Rather then giving in, I combine a teaspoon of Green + Aloe with frozen Acai Berries puree and sugar free almond or coconut yogurt, to enjoy a satisfying real treat that blocks all desire for ice cream. At the same time this shake boosts my energy level enough that I seldom even think about what I can’t have but rather what I want. It’s taken me most of my life to get healthy and to realise it’s all about loving myself by enjoying what is good for me and what will sustain a healthy, strong body, capable of an active life of participation, even rock climbing. I know you’ll experience positive results treating your body to both products.
    Dear Jean, Thank you for your loving contribution to my health.

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