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19 reviews for Bliss Ball Mix: Vegan Protein Ball Mix

  1. I bought my first GoodMix products at a Market whilst on holidays in FEB 22. The Blend 11 and the Bliss Ball Mix. I was so impressed with the taste, quality and convenience of the products that I ordered the Burger Mix online when I returned home. I am now a regular customer.

  2. I ordered 2 bags of the Bliss Ball mix before Christmas to make rum balls with. It was such an easy Christmas present to make and everyone gave them rave reviews. I will definitely be doing that again this year. I also enjoy making Bliss Balls with any leftover mix – thank you so much GoodMix team for such a fantastic product.

  3. OMG this is amazing. The Bliss Balls are yum as a snack and I’ve even made rolls with the Blend 11 and they are wonderful. I’m not gluten free but my girlfriend is and she’s looking forward to me making more. Great product that tastes great and you receive fast and efficiently!

  4. Excellent service and delivery. Wouldn’t hesitate recommending. The Bliss Ball mix is a great hit with the family!

  5. Ive also used the balls mix and experimented in different recipes.As a confessed chocoholic it hits the spot and so nutritious and full of fibre also.Fantastic to keep them in freezer and take a couple out when the urge comes on especially late afternoon

  6. I have never found a company so passionate on nutrition additionally flavour. The bliss balls would have to be my favourite because they are not only delicious but so high in nutritional benefits and are super easy to make

  7. It’s all in the name… BLISS! Love these balls, super easy, super quick, super delicious! They’re even amazing straight out of the freezer! A must have ;) xo

  8. Great tasting even better when you know they are good for you healthier treat

  9. I’ve purchased the bliss balls and burger mix! And would do again and again! Both fantastic. Burger mix were perfect fried in a pan or in the airfryer. Filling and full of flavour. bliss ball mix make for a great snack but on some days I just add it to my breakfast bowl of plain oats and fruit with oat milk. All products super versatile and can be used in lots of different recipes so be creative!!!

  10. Love the bliss balls and Blend 11, great ingredients and so tasty! Look forward to trying the full range!

  11. I have Coeliac Disease along with a sensitive belly. I love that Blend11 is gluten free AND it helps to keep my belly happy and settled. I’m also really enjoying the Ball Bags as a healthy afternoon snack and the Greens+Aloe as a morning kick starter. Thank you for making these products gluten free!

  12. Love the Ball Bags! Omg so easy to make and so delicious for a quick and healthier option for a sweet snack. Great ingredients, fast delivery and great value for money. Highly recommend! 🙌

  13. I love 💕 the blend 11 and the ball bag mix both excellent products and the company provides an excellent service-highly recommend products from this company

  14. The Ball Bags are to die for. Great protein snack. Thanks goodMIX 👍

  15. Love the BallBags! Tastes great, quick and easy to make plus a great healthy snack. You can add your own extras. I’ve made many different protein balls over the years and these make it so much more affordable.

  16. Loving the Blend 11 and Ball Bags – Highly Recommend😃

  17. My 14 year old son is an elite Gymnast training 6 days a week, before and after school.

    BallBags are so good for the short trip to and from school, I love that it is all good for him with no unknown additives.

    So versatile, you can ad in whatever you like to personalise them and so quick to make.

    He actually prefers the Vegan option with a bit of extra fruit and some extra protein powder (Goodmix whey PP is great value!) and a little bit of honey or rice malt syrup.

    Thanks for a great product powering a hungry gymnast!

  18. I went to The Pier market in Hervey Bay on Saturday and taste tested the chocolate whey protein ball and it was delicious! I purchased the 375g Ballbag and made the protein balls with coconut oil as soon as I got home. They are very easy to make and taste absolutely divine. A complete chocolate hit without the guilt.

  19. Absolutely love this product – Blend11.
    LOVE IT!!!!!

    Tastes fantastic.

    There are a lot of ways you can use Blend11 breakfast with yoghurt or in your smoothies. The recipes are endless.

    The best poos ever!!!! It’s true.

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