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About this product

This mix has been designed to supply maximum nutrition as well as fantastic taste, appearance & texture. Every ingredient is chosen for a reason.

Can be eaten with yoghurt, coconut yoghurt, smoothies, protein shakes, chopped fruit, porridge / other breakfast foods…or made into slices / balls / muesli bars for lunch boxes or snacks. Just remember to store somewhere cool & airtight, and soak overnight before eating for maximum nutritional value!

What’s in goodMix ‘Blend 11’?

Chia seeds – Certified organic
Goji Berries – Certified organic
Cacao nibs – Certified organic
Amaranth – Certified organic
Millet – Certified organic
Pepitas – Certified organic
Sesame seeds – Certified organic
Linseeds – Certified organic
Buckwheat – Certified organic
Coconut – Certified organic
Almonds – Not organic

goodMix ‘Blend 11’ is perfect for:

  • vegans & vegetarians
  • those on low – carb / sugar diets
  • coeliacs and gluten intolerant folks
  • raw foodies (more than 80 % raw)
  • lovers of interesting food
  • people who love real food, not processed crap!
  • people who just wanna get healthier!


Blend11 (1.3 kg) Low-FODMAP, gluten-free, vegan bircher muesli mix and breakfast booster!


Ingredients: Chia Seeds*, Almonds, Pepitas*, Coconut*, Buckwheat*, Flaxseed*, Sesame Seeds*, Goji Berries*, Raw Cacao Nibs*,  Puffed Amaranth*, Puffed Millet*.    * = certified organic ingredient.



RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance.

BORON: 0.7mg, RDA = 2-3mg   (significant contribution)

CALCIUM: 60mg,  RDA = 800-1400mg  (small contribution)

COBALT: 0.014mg,  RDA = (none established)

COPPER: 0.485mg,  RDA = 1-3mg (significant contribution)

IODINE: 0.00085mg,  RDA = 150-290ug (micrograms)   (insignificant source)

IRON: 2.2mg,  RDA = 10-20mg  (small contribution)

MAGNESIUM: 145mg,  RDA = 350mg (significant contribution)

MANGANESE: 1mg, RDA = 2.5 – 7mg   (significant contribution)

MOLYBDENUM: 324.5ug, RDA = 75-250 ug   (exceeds RDA, excellent contribution)

PHOSPHORUS: 270mg, RDA = 800mg   (significant contribution)

POTASSIUM: 405mg, RDA = 2-5g   (significant contribution)

SELENIUM: 8.5ug, RDA = 50 – 200ug   (small contribution)

SODIUM: 18.5mg, RDA = 0.75 – 3.5g   (small contribution)

SULFUR: 95mg,  RDA = (no RDA established)

ZINC: 1.4mg, RDA = 15mg  (small contribution)


AMINO ACIDS: mg per kg (& per 50g serve)

Glutamic Acid: 33000  (1650g)

Arginine: 20000  (1000g)

Aspartic acid: 16000  (800mg)

Serine: 11000  (550mg)

Leucine: 9900  (495mg)

Phenylalanine: 8300  (415mg)

Glycine: 8100  (405mg)

Proline: 7500  (375mg)

Lysine: 6700  (335mg)

Threonine: 6300  (315mg)

Valine: 6300  (315mg)

Alanine: 6200  (310mg)

Tyrosine: 5600  (280mg)

Isoleucine: 5100  (255mg)

Histidine: 4100  (205mg)

Methionine: 3800  (190mg)

Taurine: 750  (37.5mg)

Hydroxyproline: 630  (31.5mg)


Total Phenolics: 4900 ug/g

Free Phenolics:  1300 ug/g (much higher than levels in common grains ie wheat has only 5-39ug/g free phenolics).

ORAC Value: 2,950 TE umol / 100g (similar levels to pomegranate)

Directions to make

How to activate your Blend 11


  1. Moisten 1/2 a cup of goodMix with a few tablespoons of water
  2. Mix well & leave overnight (bench or fridge) the seeds will absorb all the water
  3. Serve with berries / fruit / smoothie / yoghurt (or try some goodMix recipes!)

Moist / activated mix will last up to 3 days in the fridge.

Average adult serve = two heaped tablespoons of activated mix.


Learn more about the benefits of activation plus a how to video on our Activate Seeds and Nuts blog post

Nutrition Information

Average serving size: 50g

per 50g per 100g








Protein 9.9 g 19.8 g
Fat, total 18.45 g 36.9 g
– saturated 4.01 g 8.2 g
Carbohydrate 5.8 g 11.6 g
– sugars 1.05 g 2.1 g
Sodium 18.5 mg 37 mg
*Dietary Fibre 9.2 g 18.4 g

*Dietary fibre = best poos ever ;-)

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  1. Highly rate this mix, my wife and I have this as part of our daily brekkie routine and absolutely love it. Buy local now at Wray Organics so works out a bit cheaper from the bulk bin. You wont be disappointed.

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