HOCl Care

HOCl is a super-useful, multipurpose substance made from salt, water & electricity.
Your white blood cells actually utilise it already, it’s produced by the immune system of all mammals as a powerful oxidant to destroy the cell walls of bacteria, viruses, fungi & other nasties. It’s in the same family as chlorine & bleach, & has even stronger antimicrobial actions, but none of the irritant properties! It’s super strong but very gentle as well.

It’s been in use medically for over 100years, but was never a commercially successful product because a) antibiotics came along & b)it quickly turns into just salty water again if not stabilised during production. Up until very recently, you could not buy stabilised HOCl due to manufacturing obstacles. Now these have been overcome, & you can – this will last in a sealed bottle for 12mths, yay! You can literally use it on any surface of your body (or your baby or your pet). It is so handy to have, you will wonder how you ever lived without it, & it replaces many sanitising / disinfecting products to de-clutter your life.

Available in SKIN, SURFACE & PET. 125mL 500mL & 5L refills. Note: Surface spray is 500ppm strength, & is recommended for sanitising surfaces, not for skin / eyes / wounds etc. Skin & Pet are fine sprayed literally everywhere.

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