Prebiotic Chocolates?

At this time of year we can all go a bit over board guzzling chocolates & end up feeling crappy, but don’t forget there is a ‘good side’ to a quality chocolate hit…

Cacao provides some truly awesome antioxidants, called polyphenols. They were once thought to be indigestible & raw dark chocolatepoorly absorbed in our digestive systems, but really – all we need is for our trusty good gut bacteria to break the choccy polyphenols down into useable bits. Cacao is an awesome prebiotic food, which means it actually provides food for & promotes the growth of some all important friendly bacteria – namely the Lactobacillus & Bifidobacteria that are found to increase in number when we eat / drink it. We also see a decrease in some of the nastier gut bugs when eating cacao regularly (well rats do anyway, & that’s good enough for me to justify my regular dark choccy / cacao habit)!

So basically – (quality, low sugar, no milk, high cocoa percent) dark chocolate or raw cacao is great for your gut bacterial balance, which results in many other good things happening as a result. Things like improved metabolism, weight loss, decreased inflammation, healthier blood vessels & heart, more youthful looking skin, the list goes on!

So if the gut bugs want chocolate, give them some!! Just make sure it’s quality!

Brad & Jeanie

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