Preaching Gut Health to Beer Guts December 20, 2016


Aussie Bloke - Slim Down

SPECIAL MENTION – goodMix Blend11 in the book !

Woohoo! We’re famous. Team goodMix is stoked to have gotten a mention in this awesome book: ‘The Great Aussie Bloke Slim Down‘.

Can every fat & clueless Australian male PLEASE read this short book over the holiday break. It’s simple, to the point & tells you what you need to do to go from ‘Fatty Boomka’ to fit again. Do it for your kids if not for yourself.

Ladies, just leave a copy lying around & tell him a visitor left it behind, & that it’s funny ;-)

Quote from the book…

“So what should you be eating instead?

My wife, meantime, swears by something called ‘The Good Mix, Blend 11’, which comes, I gather, from an equally valiant small Australian business, making 100 per cent natural food”. 

Converting the Holiday Crowd – It can get dangerous…

“What do I look like a hippie?” “That’s a bloody girl’s breakfast – looks like birdseed”. “Too healthy for me!” “Mate I don’t eat that crap – look at me!” “Can you soak it in beer?” “What – $43 a bag! I can buy 10 boxes of cereal for that price!” “Ya gotta be kidding me, best poos ever – I’ve seen everything now.

OMG. Just keep walking then, keep drinking your freakin slushie & eating your fries, we’ll see you next holidays wearing a size bigger. Or maybe we’ll just see your wife & kids – hate to say it but they might be better off without such a poor role model.

It is astounding that in Australia, in 2016 – there are still many intelligent (?), educated, mature Aussie blokes who wear their beer gut like a badge of honour, slapping it protectively when anything ‘healthy looking’ gets too close to it. Brad & I (& I’m sure the entire goodMix market team will agree) see sooo many inflamed, overweight, lethargic, unhealthy, unreceptive, poor-excuses-for-men that BADLY need some Blend11 for breakfast – or just anything besides the iced coffee, energy drinks, cereal & jam on toast they’re used to. They need it more than anyone, yet they have this weird wall of resistance…which cannot be broken through gently.

After a few years in the market game & many failed attempts, Brad has learnt to crack them. To my amazement, he can actually sell a bag of seeds to the classic beer-gutted Aussie bloke. Here’s a few points often used in his ‘sledge-hammer’ sales approach for these infuriating ‘too healthy for me’ belly-slapping kinda guys. He gets the message across in beer gut bloke language, but this is the basic content). Ladies – your man may need the sledgehammer approach too.

Wake up to yourself, your big beer gut is not a normal part of the male ageing process – it’s actually a giant red flag which communicates the following sad facts:

  • You will likely die 20-30 years before you should.
  •  You can’t participate in many fun activities anymore because of your weight
  •  You probably won’t live to see your grandkids (definitely won’t be up to playing with them)
  • Your sex life is sub-optimal (even if you’ve got a partner who’s ok with obesity, you won’t function as well as you once did  due to the sorry state of your circulatory system)!
  • Your employment opportunities are less
  •  People take you less seriously & you are less respected (plus you couldn’t catch them if they made fun of you anyway).
  • Your partner (who actually looks after herself), is probably checking out the lawn mower / pool cleaner / anyone who’s less ‘cuddly’ than you.

…beer belly not so cool now huh? Take another look at the stupid-expensive-organic-hippie-girlie-looking-soggy-birdseed-breakfast. Have a taste…hmm…It didn’t kill me. People aren’t staring at me. The world is still spinning, I just ate something ‘healthy’ & I didn’t explode. Or vomit…it was actually ok. Gimme a big bag then, ya bloody cheeky bastard. It comes with instructions doesn’t it? Seeya next year – if this doesn’t work I’ll knock yer block off! We often receive a disbelieving but thankful Facebook message from the missus a week or so later.

That’s how it goes at the holiday markets (unless they threaten to punch him right then & there, which has also happened). I cringe at Brad’s sales methods, & never EVER use them myself, but I can’t stop him because his never-say-die-I-will-convert-this-one-if-it kills-me attitude came about because he once WAS one of those guys himself! (Not like a really bad one babe, I’m sure you would have tried the taster but you kinda did have a beer gut & some cardiovascular issues at one point – I’ve seen the pics). Happy to say Brad’s one of the blokes who realised that beer guts were for losers & as a typical bloke, you can survive eating weird ‘healthy stuff’ until you get used to it. You do get used to it, your old food & drinks start to taste all wrong…& then you start to feel better. You look better, you function better…even your mood is better. There’s no going back!

Bring on the stupid-expensive-organic-hippie-girlie-looking-soggy-birdseed-breakfast! – Blend11

Watch the video interview with the Today Show.