All Patch Credit registrations are moderated. Only Patch owners and wholesalers can create a Patch Credit account and, when approved, you will be given a unique referral ID that you can use to promote products on this website.

Approved Patch Credit accounts will earn an agreed commision on all successful referrals. For instance, if you refer a customer and they spend $17, you will earn either a set fixed commission rate or percentage from that sale. Rates can be reviewed with us at anytime – we reward volume!

Patch Credits are paid out at the end of the month. If, during the month before a commission is paid out, the originating purchase is refunded, revoked, or removed in any way, we reserve the right to revoke the Patch Credit on that purchase.

All Patch Credit accounts are paid out in credit to be use on the goodMix website and can only be used while you hold an active Patch or wholesale account.