NEW Product Alert! December 10, 2021

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHING – YAY! If we’ve chatted at the markets recently, I probably mentioned the new (non-food product) I had in the pipeline. Well it’s finally ready!

It’s not launching under goodMix, it doesn’t quite fit, not being a food – so we’re making it under a seperate brand / seperate company called ‘HOCl Care’ – explanation below. I had no intention of launching another company, but the universe kinda called me to this one! You’ll understand why when you read the points below & consider our current global situation! This stuff is super handy for right now & should be readily available everywhere. We’ll be adding it to our website shop, so you can order easily with your goodMix supplies, & it will also have its own seperate site, (ready soon). Launch discount for goodMixers is: 15% off HOCL15 (note – any orders including HOCl will ship next week).


HOCl is the chemical abbreviation for ‘hypochlorous acid’, which sounds like a nasty chemical…but isn’t. HOCl is actually made by the immune cells of all mammals as part of our defence against invading pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi etc). It is in the same chemical family as chlorine & bleach, so it smells like swimming pool water, & is a super-strong germ killer, yet amazingly – has no irritant properties like its chlorine cousins! So it is a very strong anti-microbial that you can safely spray all over yourself, literally. You could bathe in it if you wanted.


Commercially, HOCl is made using a simple machine that requires filtered water, salt & electricity as inputs, & then with a chemical change made possible with electrolysis, it spits out HOCl & NaOH (a useful by-product that is a hypoallergenic cleaner / degreaser). You may recall some of the early You Tube clips from Wuhan, where they were ‘fogging’ the streets (& anyone in them) with something – well that fine spray was apparently HOCl. It’s tested effective against Covid, as well as many of the most concerning microbes we come into contact with ie MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph), e-coli etc. It has been used in hospitals, optometry, veterinary, food production & many other industries for decades, yet has not been a commercially successful product due to poor shelf stability (up until recent changes to the manufacturing technology, it would just revert back into salty water rapidly). No shelf life = not very commercially useful / no money to be made / can’t bottle it for sale. With the new manufacturing process, it’s stable & remains potent for 12 mths if stored correctly (away from sun & heat).

Here’s some more info (there’s loads online), you can actually make it yourself at home if that’s more your style – it’s just not shelf stable / only lasts a short while.

Everything You Need To Know About HOCl In Under 5 Minutes

Our HOCl Care products are shelf stable, & work for at least 12mths from date of manufacturing. We will be setting up a machine in our warehouse soon, current batch has been made by our friends at Blue Science.


Being a naturopath with a strong gut health focus means I’m not usually a huge fan of strong anti-micobials! I’m all about supporting a healthy microbiome, preserving the healthy microbes both in the gut & on the skin. So why am I so keen on this super-strong microbe killer? Because if used intelligently, this can massively decrease the chances of you / your family needing to use antibiotics or succumbing to serious infection. HOCl actually kills nasty microbes while not harming many of our useful, friendly ones! The key to fighting infection is to jump on it really hard, really early – if you do this, you’ll rarely need to play ‘catch up’ once the microbes have really taken hold. Do this with the first sign of cold & flu, broken skin, wounds…any situation that could lead to a course of antibiotics if left untreated gets my full attention, ASAP. Your immune system is designed to take care of intruders, & in a healthy individual, if you just take notice & support it during times of need, most infections are dealt with quite quickly & easily. A stitch in time saves 9. Or in this case, a spray in time saves antibiotics! Bonus = there is no danger of microbes developing resistance to this, bugs can’t adapt like they do to antibiotics!

So…if you’re sick of nasty chemical sanitisers that make your skin feel horrible, this is an awesome alternative. It’s super versatile so you can use it as a throat spray at first sign of a tickle, you can spray it literally anywhere you need to kill germs gently & safely.

We are currently supplying 2 strengths: 200ppm & 500ppm. 200ppm is recommended for personal use on the body, literally from head to toe (also fine for pets, babies, food & plants)! 500ppm is stronger & is recommended for surfaces (kitchen, bathroom, work spaces, public transport, gym equipment, door knobs, massage tables, food production etc).

Both strengths are available as handy sprays, & also in value / eco friendly 5L refill containers.

So far, in my household we’ve used this stuff for:

– a nasty infected scratch on the cat’s head (gone in a few days, healed no probs & she was fine with it)
– when I stepped on a sharp metal tent peg (barefoot, while carrying a market gazebo)! No sting or staining like Betadine, healed quickly & perfectly.
– for the kids pimples / minor scrapes / cuts / bites / stings
– sore spot on gum
– irritated / inflamed eyes
– stinky wet dogs when visitors were coming & no time to wash (worked a treat!)
– multiple sore / scratchy throats (quick resolution, no progression)
– sprayed on market berries after a rinse, to make them last longer / not go soft & mouldy as quickly (it works!)
– using the 500ppm throughout the production facility to sanitise food prep areas / equipment

200ppm Uses:

– hand sanitiser
– throat / mouth spray (sore throats, gum infection, ulcers, bad breath)
– pimples
– conjunctivitis, blepharitis, styes
– eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis (to calm & minimise infection)
– beard itch
– head to toe skin sanitiser (including sensitive / damaged skin, eyes, mouth etc)
– cuts, scrapes, wounds
– babies pacifiers, toys, prams, nappy area, hands etc
– tattoo & piercing care
– pets (safe everywhere, same as humans, just ask your vet if concerned), great for odour control, bedding, bowls etc
– plants (for anything fungal, bacterial, viral)
– food (fresh fruit & veg that may have been touched / squeezed by a heap of hands)

500ppm Uses:
– kitchen
– bathroom
– floor
– workplace surfaces
– public transport
– public bathrooms
– shopping trolley
– cutlery, utensils, glassware, eating out
– commercial food prep (Aus Certified Organic approved)

So…if you think you could use some HOCl in your life, here’s the opening deal! 15% off all products using the code: HOCL15.

PLUS save a further 15% if you buy one of our HOCl Care bundle deals.