Travelling with goodMix Products

We used to tell everyone (for over a year when we first started out), that you can’t take Blend11 overseas as it will be confiscated by customs. We missed hundreds of sales (mostly to NZ travellers), until a brave few decided to risk it & let us know through Facebook that they ‘got it through’ NZ customs with no worries – just declared it. Doh! NZ is one of the strictest places to bring food into, so we now tell everyone that ‘it makes it into NZ, & they are super-strict’. We have had feedback that it can be taken to China, USA, UK, Dubai…& probably others too. Also WA & Tassie are fine (some folks are unsure as they have strict rules too). There has never been a complaint received about airport confiscation to date, so it should be safe to recommend travelling with our products – kept sealed & in their original packaging to be on the safe side, & always declared.  We are currently only able to process Aussie orders through the website (exception = US customers. They can now place an order by clicking on the US flag on our website, which will take them to the US page).

Anyone wishing to order online (from outside of Australia / US) can do so by sending an email to ‘’, with:

1) what they would like to order (including sizes)

2) their delivery address

3) their phone number

4) their email address

We will reply with a quote for cost of freight (quite expensive normally as we aren’t really set up for it, but it’s ‘do-able’ as long as they can afford the freight.



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