Patch Wholesale Roll Out

Hey guys…change is in the air.

We’re asking you to step beyond the mesh & solid walls of your market gazebo, & out into the streets to gather some new customers of the reseller variety.  Hard…a little.  Scary…maybe.  Worthwhile…definitely.  If you can get past the fear of rejection & gather a few good resellers, get them ordering & then look after them…they will help pay for the stock on your table, making every day spent at market more profitable. If some of them happen to be ‘healthy influencers’ in the community (i.e. health practitioners, health food stores, organic cafes, personal trainers, gyms), it will raise the profile of our products immensely & help them get into the pantry cupboards & bellies of many more people. People who may never attend a market.

We are setting ourselves up for our own demise by being only available in markets without making a decent effort to become available through ‘the usual’ healthfood channels, as our market customers shop in these places too – & will go there looking for it, or find something to replace their goodMix stuff when they need it on say…tuesday evening.

By staying market only, we are leaving the category shelf space wide open for up & coming imitation brands with similar products to gain the attention of our potential / existing customers.

There are MANY people who don’t go to markets, don’t like them, work all weekend, whatever reason – they prefer to go to shops. We can only reach these guys by being in shops too.

We will vastly increase our buying power by increasing our sales – this protects the brand as it means we can keep the prices from increasing as the cost of raw ingredients goes up (a deterrent for copycats / keeps us great value to the consumer), & means we may be able to take forward steps like importing in large qty’s ourselves / developing more relationships with farmers / o’seas farms & producers / one day purchasing farmland to convert to organic (one million years down the track yet, but thinking big)…

Short-term we’ll be able to afford more staff / buy resources / tools / train people to help serve the Patch team better, making the business as smooth, easy & enjoyable to run as possible – & always thinking of ways we can improve is good, but having some cash to back it up & implement the ideas is vital.

If the patch is not working, we as a company are not working: Our aim with this wholesale strategy is to help increase the weekly individual patch profit, & also protect & grow the brand. By doing some hard work up front, you should be getting paid for many years with minimal follow-up effort. i.e. your credits gained from reseller orders will bring down the cost of running a market so you can:

a) take home more money for each market day’s work
b) afford to pay someone else to do your market for you (maybe even a few markets / people)

c) not be so stressed on the rainy days / slower weekends

We know how much it sucks to go to all the trouble of running a market, to then have an ‘average’ day for whatever reason, we have had many! It makes you wanna throw in the towel sometimes (been there ourselves just a few times!!) We know that a happy patchie is one who is making a difference AND a decent dollar. When the money is good generally, we know the odd crappy day doesn’t rattle us too much, & know that everyone will keep turning up to market with a smile on their face. That is the only way the patch plan will work. The state / national distributor option is not a real option for us, it’s only there to help spread us quickly into places that are taking too long to ‘infiltrate’ / find a patch to serve the area. A patch model is much stronger / better delivery for our brand, & might be slower, but we believe will be like the good old tortoise. We need patches to really represent the brand / serve customers properly / find good resellers…a distributor has a few thousand products to push, we want full attention to ours.

Obviously when you guys are moving stock, we are making $ too, which is much needed to ‘get this baby to the next level’. We want to be able to pay people (who are much better at what we currently do than us), to do our jobs (but better)  so we can concentrate on the bigger picture, keep moving & growing.

So please – let’s give this a decent crack, keep the feedback & ideas coming, we can only fix something if we know it’s broken – let us know what is working & what’s not, tell us what else is needed…let’s build a system that increases your immediate profitability & ups the value of your business.

Un-velcro those walls :)



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