goodMix In-store Tasting Days

Hey Patchies – here is an easy ‘copy paste’ email you can send to any potential health stores to explain the  taster-day process.


We will bring our full range (attached), so your staff can load the products into your system. Note the attached has a min 55% some are higher but that is the lowest percentage (rounded numbers). Please adjust as necessary. The staff can let us know what the prices are on the day. No GST


We can stock some allocated shelves and our table, will hand out testers, sell and point people to the products etc…  Your staff will process all purchases.

Yoghurt Testers:

We use Pure n Free coconut yoghurt (awesome product).  If you stock another product do you think they could arrange a credit for you for us to push their yoghurt for you?? We would need at least 1 tub of 500g. I can put you in touch with Pure n Free if you’ve thought of giving them a go.

Reconcile stock/cash:

At the end of the day we can reconcile against the till and goodMix stock take – then add the amount you would like to keep in store. It’s agreed goodMix will receive payment for what is sold on the day (wholesale price).  I will email you a paid invoice for the total Monday. Whatever stock you guys decide to keep on the shelves we can offer you 30 days. I have attached our credit terms doc.


goodMix will complete a strategic Facebook campaign to promote the store and the testing.

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