3 Basic Rules

1. Whats the private forum about ?

It’s place to share posts, pictures, helpful videos, articles & ideas amongst Patch owners, download support material, announcements, tips, motivation, expert commentary and more!

2. Checkin compliance

Also very important that we see how stalls are looking (presentation / branding etc) & know that everyone has made it to market etc… please once you’re all set up and ready to go please post a photo/s of the stall. Please also ask your staff to do the same in the crew page.
NOTE: Make the pics awesome, unique, fun and inviting and it may event get you a Patch Credit!!

3. The best use / not so good use of the Patch page

This space is for introducing potential new team members and motivating and supporting existing Patchies. It’s there for us all to share ideas and have some fun with.

It’s not for complaining, pointing out errors or ridicule. If you’re unhappy or something’s wrong then use the phone or email. That way we can handle it swiftly and professionally, without creating dramas / distractions on FB! If needed we will always alert the team.

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