How To Use HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) At Home March 17, 2022

I had never heard of hypochlorous acid until about June 2021, now I use it all the time, often multiple times daily! If you don’t know what HOCl is or how to use it, then read on, & I’m willing to bet it will become one of your new favourite household substances too!

HOCl is the abbreviation for Hypochlorous acid. It sounds nasty, like a harmful chemical. It’s not – it’s just made from filtered water, salt & electricity (a bit more involved / there’s a process to it, but that’s the basics). It’s also something that our immune cells produce – all mammals actually make HOCl & use it to kill invading microbes like bacteria, viruses & fungi. It’s been used as far back as world war X, to help heal soldiers’ wounds & prevent infection. It is still widely used today in many hospitals, veterinary clinics & optometry practices.

It is a super effective sanitizer (same family as bleach & chlorine), that is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, wounds, babies, pets, eyes, nose, throat, mucous membranes – if you accidentally swallow it, it’s not useful as your stomach acid will deactivate it, but you’ll be totally fine / there’s no toxicity! The reason it’s not already a household go-to, is that 1) antibiotics were invented & took over the infection market, & 2) it had no shelf life so it wasn’t commercially viable as a product (depending on how it’s made, it just turns straight back into salty water very quickly). It’s only in the past 2 years that shelf stability has been possible, with new manufacturing technology.  

So…here’s just a few of the 101 ways you could be using HOCl at home….

HOCl Surface Care (hypochlorous acid 500ppm)

  • fridge cleaning (great because it kills any mould spores in the fruit & veg drawers, plus any other germs from food spillages, & also neutralizes any odours). It’s actually one of the few sanitizing substances approved for organic food manufacturing, aside from vinegar & lemon juice, so it’s super strong yet completely safe. Just wipe all of your fridge surfaces whenever suits. Note – don’t use it on the outer stainless steel, unless you wipe it off with water after, as it leaves a (very very  slight) salty residue / not ideal for anything that can rust. 
  • pantry shelves (same as the fridge, you want to keep it clean but avoid all the toxic stuff where you keep your food).
  • water bottle sanitising. Water bottles can be hard to clean properly, & I normally just give them a quick rinse, but so every so often a ‘deep clean’ is nice. Spray liberally on the lid & into the bottle, give it a good swish around, then leave to drain / dry. Just a quick rinse prior to refilling if you want, but it’s not really necessary. 
  • cutting board sanitising. Great for a deep clean every now & then, just spray & leave to dry. 
  • toothbrush deep clean – just soak in a small container for a few mins / overnight (perfect for when someone forgets their toothbrush or accidentally uses the wrong one / kid drops it in the toilet (just kidding you might want to chuck that one!)
  • yoga mat & gym gear (perfect to clean & sanitize things that your skin comes into close contact with, where you want to avoid harsh chemicals). Your skin absorbs toxins from your environment, HOCl is a great replacement for many toxic products to help lessen the load. 
  • bathroom sink / bath / shower / toilet. HOCl is great to kill mould, sanitize & neutralize any odours.  
  • after rain & lingering dampness, spray outdoor furniture / cushions etc to prevent mould & smells (sunshine & circulating air / wind are perfect, but if these are not happening HOCl is helpful too). 
  • smelly shoe refresher – just spray & leave to dry

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HOCl Skin Care (hypochlorous acid 200ppm)

  • pimples, grazes, bites, cuts, wounds, irritations, etc – anywhere the skin is broken to clean, soothe,  prevent infection & speed healing. It actually helps decrease scarring too. 
  • sore throats / fist sign of any cough, cold or flu (spray frequently into eyes nose & throat for best results), it kills bacteria & viruses (even the most famous ones!) 
  • conjunctivitis / irritated eyes – have given bottles to a few people who’ve had eye issues, great feedback (no sting, no irritation – it feels very soothing instantly).
  • tattoo & piercing care (just like wounds, works a treat to assist healing & prevent infection)
  • nappy rash / baby skin issues (my babies are big now, but shall be trying this on my baby nephew when he comes to stay next week)!
  • breath freshener (when you forget to brush your teeth / think your mouth needs a freshen up!) 
  • hand sanitiser (it actually makes your hands feel softer, not all dried up & irritated like the standard toxic ones!)
  • itchy / irritated skin (or any areas of your body)

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HOCl Pet Care (hypochlorous acid 200ppm)

NOTE – this is the exact same product as HOCl skin care (hypochlorous acid 200ppm), so use it literally anywhere on your pet where there’s odour, inflammation, irritation or infection risk.

  • stinky dogs (coat & breath, bedding, furniture).
  • puppy & kitten messes, litter trays, travel crates, kennels, bowls (it’s the safest sanitising option because it’s fine if licked / on skin / in eyes / anywhere).
  • cuts, scratches, wounds & post surgery (fine if licked, no irritation or stinging).  
  • eye irritation or infection
  • hotspots & itchy, irritated skin

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….this list is by no means exhaustive, HOCl can be used in so many ways! If you have any enquiries for specific uses you’re wondering about, please email me & I’ll let you know / find out if I don’t know!