How Healthy Choices can Support a Healthy Relationship February 8, 2017

We all know how it feels when we’ve neglected our own health… we feel moody, sluggish, uncomfortable in our own skin and tired of shutting down that nagging voice in the back of our minds telling us to pull it all together.  But, have you considered how your loss of mojo can affect your relationship with someone?

Health is something that people can value at different levels. When people in relationships place different levels of value on things, it can of course get really tricky. A previously strong relationship can become disconnected by either member’s actions.  If you’re the half of the relationship with the ‘I don’t care’ attitude towards health there are some changes you may want to consider to ensure a happy, healthy, balanced and great relationship for the long haul.

Making changes can be hard. We often set unrealistic goals for ourselves, set out to accomplish something we desire in an unrealistic timeframe. Here are 5 ways you can shake that ‘too far gone’ attitude and start your journey where turning back is just not an option!

  1. Get back on track for yourself. Looking after yourself is really your job so take initiative and start today! Your partner will love your decision and a healthy lifestyle will become a passion that you can both share.
  2. Keep it interesting. Find a form of exercise that you actually both enjoy and can do together. Mix it up… Try something new! Yoga, swimming, hiking, hula hooping, that new trendy workout at your gym…. Anything to get you moving.
  3. If you’re on food shop duty, consider your choices. Continually putting bad foods in the trolley, fridge, cupboard or on the plate does not support your partner’s healthy lifestyle and may frustrate them or sabotage their hard work.
  4. One simple change. Choose one thing you do each day to get yourself healthier. It might be choosing a better breakfast (try Blend11) or setting your alarm 20 minutes earlier to have time to make a healthy packed lunch for work. You can start a really powerful ‘getting healthier’ pattern with just one small effort.
  5. Lead by example for the kids. If your partner strongly values health, they will seek out a positive role model for the kids. That had better be you. Model healthy behaviours for your kids, not the opposite.

Be aware, discuss it together and if it’s an issue in your relationship – take further steps to get help and fix it. You love your partner. Your habits can change. Now go do it!