Reply To: Wholesale Price List Update


Brad & Jeanie

Hey patchies,

Just a heads-up we’ve updated the wholesale pricing that includes 4 kg catering packs in both NEO and Blend11.

Please note all catering packs are not allowed to be sold to retail customers, they are designed for use by cafe’s, coffee shops, healthfood stores (testers only), gyms etc – so anyone making their own balls / bircher cups etc, (including of course you guys – for markets etc).

Same applies to the superfood packs i.e. protein powders, hempseed, nuts, goji’s etc – they are for you to use, & for your cafe’s etc.

Not suitable for sale at markets or in shops (labelling is non-compliant, & QLD Health may issue us with a fine).

We’ll have them up by COB today 24.06.16

Cheers Brad