Halloween: Fill Them Up and Let ’em Go ! October 23, 2016


Ok I’ll be honest – not a big Halloween fan! It’s just such a junkfest. Unfortunately though, it’s one of the highlights of my children’s social calendar – & frankly not worth the grief to exclude them! They love planning the dress ups, the excitement of walking the streets in the evening with friends, knocking on doors in their neighbourhood & scoring all kinds of hideous junk food (we decide which to keep, & the worst of it gets chucked). The fun, excitement & community experience kinda balances the junkfood drawbacks & you can use it as a ‘learning how junk food makes us feel’ opportunity!


Junk minimisation strategy:

Before the kids head out trick-or-treating, make sure they are well hydrated & have all eaten something filling & nutritious – think fibre, good fats, & protein) to decrease their guzzling ability along the way.  Try the following green drink plus protein ball combo as a creepy & nutritious afternoon tea! Green ‘shots’ are great for little kids or those still getting used to veggies in their smoothies – not too overwhelming & you don’t end up wasting good greens, plus you can use kids natural competitiveness to get them to have another one!

Trick: Make up a green jug & freak out the kids who come knocking by getting them to have a shot of ‘green ghoul juice’ before handing over any sweets. If you’re a really nasty, evil witch you could add some ginger or chilli (only for tricking the big kids)!!

Green drinks are the best remedy for anyone (not just kids) feeling the effects of too much sugary, refined, crappy food. They help to replenish the alkaline minerals, provide good food for our good gut bacteria & support our poor overworked liver. The added bonus in PondWater is the therapeutic dose of Aloe Vera.  Aloe is awesome for gut inflammation & irritation, great immune support & improves blood sugar regulation, so great for diabetics & those with obesity or metabolic syndrome – which is a LOT of adults these days…Maybe it all started because their mum let them go out trick or treating ??

Here is a fun recipe the kids will enjoy and you might get some greens into them: Ghoulish Green Shots and Bleeding Eyeballs

Please share your own healthy tips, tricks & recipes for Halloween! Just leave a reply below :-)