Why I Prioritise Organic Ingredients Wherever Possible

Certified organic food ingredients are more expensive than the standard. I could make our goodMix products much cheaper if I didn’t bother with them, & many business advisors have actually suggested this. Here’s why I’ve never taken their advice:  Your body is an ecosystem, a walking talking moving breathing human ecosystem. It’s not just ‘you’.  In…

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IBD Awareness Week – Can You Use Blend11 for IBD?

This is a question we often get at markets and the answer is a resounding yes (with some care)! IBD stands for ‘inflammatory bowel disease’, which is different from the similar-sounding IBS in that there is inflammation detectable upon investigation and it can be much more serious if left untreated and can require radical surgery.…

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obesity and covid | woman pushing donuts away | goodmix

The thought occurred to me that a pandemic could be on the cards a few years back. (I wrote a blog: Man Vs Microbe, mentioning it in 2018). This pandemic was always coming, many people knew it & we need to look for the lesson it’s serving to us now (because it’s almost certainly gonna…

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Healthy Habits For 2021

jeanie in ice bath | healthy habits for 2021 | goodMix

2020 Was a rough year for many – so I thought I’d share some of the stuff that helped me get through it in one piece, along with some links to get you started if something resonates!  For a change – none of these are diet related :)…but of course we all know diet is…

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2020 Reflections

In 2020 I think we all learnt / had it reinforced that things (everything) can change in an instant. Keeping this in mind, we realise that being overly attached to people, situations, things or outcomes can easily lead us to suffering, the Buddhists are right! Expect change, it’s always coming. The only certainty in life…

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Flaxseed & Hormones:

does flaxseed affect hormones

Does Flaxseed Decrease Testosterone? An email arrived last week from a bloke looking to avoid the flaxseed in Blend11 & Blend13 due to their hormonal activity (he was justifiably concerned after seeing information on flax lowering male testosterone levels), so I thought what a great topic for everyone to understand – myself included (definitely needed…

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