Menopausal Weight Gain: What’s Happening & How To Avoid It

menopausal weight gain & how to avoid it | goodMix

As a 42 year old female, I’m getting to the end of my reproductive years & will soon be entering the realm of menopause. Well perimenopause first, which is the 2-10years of hormonal changes leading into menopause (when we officially stop cycling). For years I’ve been hearing horror stories from women hitting this phase of…

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How To Use HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) At Home

I had never heard of hypochlorous acid until about June 2021, now I use it all the time, often multiple times daily! If you don’t know what HOCl is or how to use it, then read on, & I’m willing to bet it will become one of your new favourite household substances too! HOCl is…

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Naturopathic Tips For Pain Relief & Management

hands clutching knee in pain | goodMix

Pain: ‘highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury’…suffering, agony, torture, affliction, torment, discomfort. Pain is a part of all of our lives, to a greater or lesser degree. And we can go from pain free to crippled by pain in seconds, it happens. For this reason, I am super grateful to live in…

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Microba Competition

Woohoo! It’s competition time, & this one is a good one. 2 lucky winners will receive an Insight™ test kit from Microba for their FREE MICROBIOME ANALYSIS!!!  If you’ve ever wondered what was happening inside your bowel, whether you have a healthy, harmonious ‘ecosystem’ going on down there or not so much, this is your opportunity! Microba are…

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Sunshine as medicine (it’s not just the vitamin D!)

silhouette with arms outstretched as sun sets

My mind was blown by this You Tube clip with new science on the massive benefits of sunlight exposure for covid & pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE (warning, it’s about 2 hrs long, & probably only of interest if you have some basic training on how the body works & love your science).  I’ll summarise it…

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Naturopathic Support For The 3 Phases Of COVID

woman in bed blowing nose surrounded by tissues | goodMix

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope your start to the year has been much more exciting than mine! Like much of Qld, our household got Covid as a late Chrissy surprise! Nice to have it over & done with now, but left no room for the holiday fun & festivities or the NY motivational kickstart!…

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NEW Product Alert!

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHING – YAY! If we’ve chatted at the markets recently, I probably mentioned the new (non-food product) I had in the pipeline. Well it’s finally ready! It’s not launching under goodMix, it doesn’t quite fit, not being a food – so we’re making it under a seperate brand / seperate company called ‘HOCl…

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Naturopathic Tips To Support Enlarged Prostate & Prostate Cancer

Older man chatting to middle aged man about natural factors for prostate health | goodMix

Approx half of Aussie men over 50, & most men over age 70 will have some degree of prostate enlargement, or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) which causes many of the symptoms listed below. Prostate cancer is also very common & will mean similar symptoms – so it is important to get any prostate symptoms checked…

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People Used to Die From Infections…All The Time.

dictionary definition of infection | goodMix

We modern-day-Aussies are very used to being able to detect, control, minimise & eradicate infections. But this is only a recent thing in human history – only a few generations ago, people (in Australia & around the world) used to die all the time from infections. This could be a reality we’re headed back towards,…

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IBD Awareness Week – Can You Use Blend11 for IBD?

This is a question we often get at markets and the answer is a resounding yes (with some care)! IBD stands for ‘inflammatory bowel disease’, which is different from the similar-sounding IBS in that there is inflammation detectable upon investigation and it can be much more serious if left untreated and can require radical surgery.…

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obesity and covid | woman pushing donuts away | goodmix

The thought occurred to me that a pandemic could be on the cards a few years back. (I wrote a blog: Man Vs Microbe, mentioning it in 2018). This pandemic was always coming, many people knew it & we need to look for the lesson it’s serving to us now (because it’s almost certainly gonna…

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