Maintaining Your Gut Health On A Keto Diet

person eating a keto dessert bowl | keto diet for weight loss and gut health | goodMix

The keto diet (very low carb, high fat & moderate protein) works really well for many people wanting to lose weight quickly. When you lose the constant stream of blood sugar from carbs to fuel your body, you are forced to ‘switch gear’ & adapt to burning fat for fuel instead.

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Natural Support for Endometriosis

Endo pain can range from ‘please excuse Jenny from swimming today as she has period pain’ to ‘take me to the hospital I need a general anaesthetic’ or ‘just kill me now’ kinda pain’. It can be excruciating, crippling, frustratingly life-interrupting & can hinder education, career, relationships, fertility & sanity.

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Healthy Chocolate & Easter Recipes

Chocolate can be healthy – you’ve just gotta watch the added sugars, crappy fats & other weird stuff that food manufacturers like to add into it – pay attention to quality & quantity with chocolate to ensure you don’t go off the rails with it! These recipes can help…

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Is Cereal Unhealthy For Kids?

bowl of cornflakes | is cereal unhealthy for kids? | goodMix Superfoods

They may be cheap ‘fillers’ but what are you achieving by ‘filling’ growing kids with such nutritional emptiness? Saving $$ building a new house from cheap building materials is not recommended if you want a house that lasts a lifetime, same advice applies when ‘building’ a new human body (our body is the house we live in throughout life)!

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