Let’s Talk About Men’s Health…

mens health | goodmix

It’s time to place some focus on issues most relevant to men’s health! Men are (in general) becoming much more conscious of their wellbeing which is great, but here’s a few areas to pay particular attention to:  Muscle Mass & Body Composition:  Maintaining a healthy body composition / building & keeping muscle mass (especially into old…

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Bowel Cancer Shopping List

June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in Australia. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer, here’s a list of natural foods & supplements that you could find really useful to support your recovery. (Also great for anyone interested in prevention!) Cover All The Important Bases! Fibre, anti-oxidants, gut barrier support, immune support, blood sugar…

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Stress, IBS, Your Gut & Dis-ease

woman holding stomach with stress and IBS | goodMix

The Gut Brain Connection What’s the link between IBS and stress? If you have IBS, or any other gut problem, you may have noticed that it always seems worse when you are stressed, or that you seem aggravated / more likely to have a flare following a particularly stressful period. Or maybe your IBS first…

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What’s Your COVID Risk?

Don’t sit around waiting for a vaccine or medication. Your best defence against covid is to be proactive. Find out what’s going on within, get your body into better shape, & then you can stress less.

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Tips For Hiding More Veggies in Food!

Processed foods rich in refined carbohydrates & nutrient deficient calories dominate our supermarket shelves. We’ve developed a real taste for these foods, & unfortunately, when we’re consuming them regularly, we begin to lose our appreciation for real, natural, unprocessed foods (with the fibre still intact). Natural food just becomes less & less desirable when forced…

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Bowel Cancer Awareness & Naturopathic Prevention Tips

June is the month to discuss bowel cancer! The 3rd most common type of cancer globally. Crap topic but here goes! There’s Good news & Bad news… The good news is, this type of cancer is fairly predictable & also (usually) very treatable, we know what the major risk factors seem to be, & there’s…

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Strengthening Your Vital Force

older man and woman exercising to increase vitality | goodMix

When medicine can’t help, what can we do? Your ‘Vital Force’ is your inbuilt survival mechanism, your self-preservation instinct – it’s what heals cuts, broken bones, pimples, abcesses etc. It also creates the fight against & helps you to recover from common infections like cold & flu…

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