Who will benefit most from Greens+Aloe?


What is Greens + Aloe?  It’s a simple but strong greens powder, with a good therapeutic dose of aloe inner leaf gel.  Ingredients: Spirulina, chlorella, barley & spelt grass, aloe vera inner leaf gel. (All certified organic).  What’s the rationale behind this formula?  I used to sell greens to everyone when working in healthfood /…

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Why I Prioritise Organic Ingredients Wherever Possible

Certified organic food ingredients are more expensive than the standard. I could make our goodMix products much cheaper if I didn’t bother with them, & many business advisors have actually suggested this. Here’s why I’ve never taken their advice:  Your body is an ecosystem, a walking talking moving breathing human ecosystem. It’s not just ‘you’.  In…

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