A New Natural Treatment for a Very Prevalent Health Condition November 6, 2016


BallBags – putting the ‘treat’ back into treatment – curing ‘CGIED-ROCC-DEA’ in women of all ages.

BallBags = a new natural treatment for a very prevalent health condition – CGIED-ROCC-DEA (Chronic Guilt Induced Emotional Distress caused by Repeated Over-Consumption of Chocolate Despite Efforts to Avoid). The name is lengthy & those effected go to great lengths to avoid eating chocolate, but will typically become overwhelmed by cravings & binge – in severe cases on a daily basis.

The condition is rarely seen in males, but is extremely common in health conscious females between the ages of 12 & 75. It can impact confidence, self-esteem, relationships & hamper their ability to socialise normally.

As there is currently no medical solution to this condition, many women will ‘self medicate’ using either excessive / prolonged exercise, fasting or various metabolism boosting herbal supplements post chocolate consumption. Some just suffer in resigned silence believing there is no cure. Many women live for years in denial & are only forced to face reality & seek help when family members or employers discover a ‘secret chocolate stash’ or concealed wrappers – generally somewhere in the house, vehicle, workplace or handbag.

The BallBag treatment plan is twofold – firstly it helps patients to admit & come to terms with their addiction, & also importantly assists with the accompanying guilt & emotional distress, by supplying a ‘guilt-free’ but satisfying replacement.

As BallBag treats require minimal time & effort to prepare, patient compliance is high – many women report significant improvement within days of introducing the treatment. Busy women (who are often chronically affected) have been shown to receive the most significant benefit, where previously this group was considered incurable.

The treatment appears to be safe, with no known side-effects, though recovering women may still display addictive behaviours like inability to share / hiding or stashing treats away from family members & fellow employees.

Desired outcome of treatment is complete & voluntary removal of refined sugar-based chocolate treats from the diet, which allows the health conscious female to feel liberated & guilt-free – no longer dependant. She may even develop the ability to openly discuss her addiction & share BallBag treats freely, without anxiety (this may take some years to achieve, though has been observed in test cases).

The key to success with this programme is that the patient is counselled & knows the ingredients of what she is eating – this will be a major factor in eliminating guilt & emotional distress. Treatment may prove ineffective if the ingredients are not known & understood.


Vegan Snickers Date Cocoons



Cashews – certified organic. Fat, fibre & protein + prebiotic resistant starch = food for good gut bacteria.

Dates – vitamins, minerals, fibre & antioxidants + slow release caramelly sweetness.
Apricots – certified organic (no sulphur preservatives, yay!) vitamins, minerals, fibre & slow, chewy sweetness.
Raw Cacao – certified organic. A mega magnesium & antioxidant hit, plus all the feelgood ‘I’m in love’ cacao brain chemicals. Polyphenols = awesome food for good gut bacteria too.
Raw Cacao Nibs – certified organic. As above – plus the amazing dark chocolatey explode-in-your-mouth crunch factor!
Natural Protein Powder – pea isolate (certified organic, fermented) or whey protein concentrate (natural Aussie grassfed). Protein to slow the sugars down, keep you feeling full & satisfied & feed your muscles (more muscles = stay lean = fast metabolism = eat more of what you like without getting fat!!) Also vital for healthy skin & immunity.
Almond Meal – Filling good fats, protein, fibre + minerals.
Coconut – certified organic. Satisfying good fats & fibre = slows the sugar hit & keeps you full & nourished!
Maca – certified organic. Adaptogen hormonal helper for energy & libido, vitamins & minerals, malty sweetness.
Mesquite – certified organic. Low GI sweetness, minerals & a spiced-caramelly, biscuity yumminess!

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