7 Easy Steps to Re-balance Your System! April 16, 2017


Ok so you’ve totally pigged out on choccies…what now? Re-balance!

1. Drink loads of water, (or unsweetened herb tea, or water with lemon). Sugar dehydrates you, so really important to fix up your fluid balance asap!

2. Probiotics – take some caps, eat some sauerkraut, drink some kefir or kombucha…send in a heap of reinforcements so the nasty junk-loving microbes can’t take hold too easily.

3. Fibre. The good guys need fibre as a food source.  Fibre helps to move everything along & cleans up as it passes through. The good bugs convert fibre into short-chain fatty acids (healing, nourishing, anti-inflammatory substances for your gut lining that also get into your blood stream to help your entire body.

4. Fibre Diversity. Not just a teaspoon of Metamucil, or a tablespoon of bran. You want variety! Diverse fibre intake promotes greater gut bacterial diversity – which is what most of us westerners with our refined food diets, over-sanitised environments & reliance upon antibiotics & medications are really lacking.

5. Stay off the sweets! Go for savoury now, provide no more food for those sugar-guzzlers, you wanna starve them out for at least a few days.

6. Gut healing foods: go for things like bone broth, natural unsweetened yoghurt or coconut yoghurt, loads of green leafies, aloe Vera, slippery elm powder, turmeric, omega 3’s….

7. Exercise! Burn through everything as fast as you eat it. Easter long weekend = plenty of spare time to move! The more muscle you have, the better your body can handle sugars. If you’re a weakling, you’re much more likely to become insulin resistant, diabetic, obese & feel less inclined to move (it’s a cycle). So take the first step, call a good trainer / gym / instructor or download an app, do something that challenges your muscles daily (or at least a few times a week).

If you’re lacking energy, have bloating constipation, IBS diarrhoea, poor skin, mood fluctuations, etc, I would love to hear from you & will personally answer your questions the best I can. Just use the comments below :-)