15 Good Foundations….a Basic Care Guide for us Human Beings. October 22, 2014



1) Sleep, get what you need in order to wake up naturally feeling recharged & ready to go. Prioritise it, or it won’t happen. Set a bedtime alarm if you have to.

2) Diet, place high importance on it. Eat natural, eat for nutrient value, eat unrefined, eat organic, eat food you feel good on, not food the latest diet craze recommends, eat variety, eat when you’re hungry (not when you’re emotional / bored / feel you’re supposed to), eat mindfully and moderately.

3) Downtime, schedule it in, book it – or it won’t happen. Adjust your work life balance if you feel it needs it, set yourself a sustainable pace that is right for you, remembering everyone is different. Learn and practice meditation / yoga, find a special peaceful spot to ‘escape to’ regularly, give your mind some rest, get a massage often. Incorporate some kind of stress management into your weekly routine.

4) Move, get that blood flowing! Exercise often, and remember variety is essential. Brisk cardio movement for at least 20 minutes daily, some deep stretching, strength training (it’s not just for the young guys, it’s also really good for women and the elderly)…and cut down your immobile hrs (ie driving, TV, computer work).

5) Get some fresh air. Open your house up, go for a walk, ride a bike, move out of the city or away from busy roads, go for a trip to the sea.

bike ride

6) Don’t be scared of sunshine, make a point of getting plenty – don’t get burnt, but do expose your skin often.

7)Have some confidence in and respect for your body’s efforts to heal itself – get out of its way with those unnecessary medications. If you develop a symptom, don’t just go get a pill to take it away, try to figure out what has caused it to appear and do some work on that instead. There will always be a new symptom, and any medication which is capable of removing it is also likely to cause some undesirable changes in other body systems (everything is linked, you can’t effect one part in isolation). You won’t generally die from a headache, cough or a fever, you just have to rest for a bit and put up with some discomfort while your body rights itself again, patience! When you burn or cut yourself, the healing process is amazing – trust that if you just look after yourself well generally, your body will do what it needs to do under specific conditions.

8) Incorporate some food supplements, they can give you a real boost and help compensate for dietary lapses on your not-so-good days (or months or years)! Think greens, superfoods, herbs, minerals, fermented foods, prebiotics, quality fats, protein and fibre. Your fuel energises you, and food can really be medicine.

9) Stay connected. To your children, parents, friends, extended family, colleagues…you will find support, fun, laughter, a sense of community. Don’t be too wrapped up in your own world, make the effort to connect and be there.

Grandfather With Grandson Reading Together On Sofa

10) Make small contributions to society and the planet daily. Support a good cause, take a fundraising ticket, share inspirational stories instead of talking about the doom and gloom news, spend a bit extra and buy products from companies who make an effort, pick up that plastic on the beach, walk or cycle where you can, turn off the unnecessary appliances and lights, refuse the unnecessary packaging, buy the earth friendly options, say thankyou, be grateful…lots of small actions from lots of us will add up and help lots!

11) Toxic relationships – will make you sick slowly but surely. You may need to make some changes yourself, get help from a counsellor to work together, or remove yourself, at least for a while.

12) Cut down environmental pollutants and stressors, ie , chemical skincare, garden and cleaning products, cigarette smoke, plastics, unfiltered water, climates that don’t suit you, irritating noise and clutter, mould, dust, pesticides etc. They just add to the workload of your liver, immune & lymphatic system (which are probably struggling already).

13) Be aware of your genetic / constitutional tendencies or weaknesses & be proactive to avoid the traps. If your mum & dad died from diabetes and heart disease for example, research these conditions (or whatever it is you have lurking in your genetic pool) and make sure you’re not making the same mistakes, eliminate any of the risk factors you can. Take a different path.

14) Be flexible. Stuff happens, plans change, people change, the world changes. Be open to change, your current existence might be comfortable but what if it disappears? Could you cope? Don’t hang on for dear life to what isn’t working / available to you anymore. You can always reinvent yourself, and who knows what’s around the next corner! You can probably handle a lot more than you imagine, if you can just be flexible and open to change.



15) Be aware of your weaknesses & avoid aggravating them / prop yourself up where needed. Hereditary things, old injuries or lingering issues from past illness, constitutional tendencies, personality traits, lifestyle choices….if you are aware of the things which can flare-up / reoccur and derail you, give yourself a break around these areas, maintain your awareness and incorporate some ongoing treatment and realise that everyone has their weaknesses – work within your limits