11 Amazing OTHER Things Fibre can do for Your Body! October 9, 2016



  1. helps you lose weight & improve body composition

  2. helps with cholesterol problems & cardiovascular disease

  3. improves diabetes & metabolic syndrome

  4. decreases inflammation in the gut & throughout the body

  5. helps with allergies, eczema, asthma & hay fever

  6. improves skin

  7. improves mood

  8. improves energy levels

  9. helps balance hormones

  10. strengthens & balances your immune system

  11. improves your digestion & absorption of nutrients

The reasons fibre can help with all of these things are complex – but basically it helps to improve your ‘internal ecosystem’ (specifically your gut microbial diversity & abundance). Our good gut bugs eat whatever makes it through into the large intestine intact (i.e. fibre), & when they are well fed every day – they do all kinds of great things for us. The research on this topic is fascinating, & will completely change the way we look at food, medicine & health in general.

If you’re keen to find out some more – here’s a few names to google & start reading about food, fibre & gut health in general.

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