10 easy ways to avoid the common Christmas Bulge December 8, 2020

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Partying = calories!! Party food, alcohol, not enough sleep and waking up late feeling ordinary with a hangover & craving grease can derail anyone’s Summer bikini-body efforts :(  Here are 10 tips to help you avoid Christmas weight gain:

A few handy party season tips to avoid weight gain:

1) Set the Standard & Track

Buy a really pretty, expensive dress, top, skirt, shirt or bikini that you absolutely love & is a snug fit at the start of the silly season. Hang it somewhere visible & plan to wear it on Australia Day as well as throughout the holidays! This will be your measurement tool & will help keep your motivation there, wear it / try it on regularly!

2) Drink Wisely

Find a beverage you can make more figure-friendly. Ie use sparkling mineral water with fresh lemon or lime as a mixer or instead of high sugar juices & cocktails. You can add some stevia drops to sweeten if desired. Diet soft drinks are not a good option as they contain artificial sweeteners which are neurotoxic & can wreak havoc with our gut flora – don’t use them full stop. Remember also that a drink like rum & coke will have triple the addictive potential of say a glass of wine (caffeine + alcohol + sugar), so be aware that cravings will be triggered from 3 angles, making them harder to resist.

3) Lots of Water

Keep drinking lots of water – easy to forget but essential to make it through the silly season the same size you went in to it.

healthy xmas trifle to help avoid christmas weight gain

Healthy Xmas Trifle

 4) Be Smart with Food

Foodwise – go for the fresh fruit, nuts, olives, quality cheeses, salads, lean meat, fish, seafood & eggs & steer well clear of the sweets, chips, breads, potato bakes, pasta salads, crackers & dips (hommous & guacamole fine). Position yourself away from the food table for the most part, you’ll be less tempted. And always make sure you eat a nice healthy snack before you leave for a party – if you rock up starving, you won’t stand a chance against those very moreish MSG laden chips & crackers! We have a few Christmas ideas on our recipe page.

5) Don’t be Lazy

Keep active – just before a party is a great time to head out to do some exercise – some sort of strength training / weights ideally. You’ll look great as your increased circulation will make your skin glow, muscles will be pumped boys & you’ll be in a great mood with all those post-workout endorphins. You’ll also be burning calories all night long so a few treats wont hurt. Schedule in a session before a party, you are unlikely to want to after! Dancing is counted as exercise too, so spend some time on the floor! One cocktail = one hour carving it up! If you do workout just prior to partying, remember to pay attention to staying hydrated all night, & it’s a great idea to follow your workout with a quick protein shake to aid with muscle recovery (it will also keep you full & help you avoid the naughty nibbles)!

6) Sunshine

Get out in the sun! Use the time off work to really replenish your vitamin D stores – many of us are deficient & vitamin D is crucial to maintain healthy metabolism & body composition, also for our poor sedentary-lifestyle affected bones (bones need lots of sunshine & weight bearing exercise in order to be healthy – office workers beware!) That winter coat even looks less flabby with a tan – but the key here is small, regular doses, exposing as much of your body as possible (&legal) but to never get burnt – just build up a healthy summer glow. Your immune system will thank you too – get out & take those kids away from their devices & down to the beach or park – frolic with them :)

Rest & get some vitamin D

Rest & get some vitamin D

7) Rest

Holiday mode should include some extra sleep & just lazing in general, but all those extra hours of inactivity combined with indulgent Christmas fare can leave you with some new stored fat pretty quickly! Don’t go overboard with the rest – balance it with plenty of active fun & relaxing outdoorsy exercise. Try long bike rides with the kids / your partner, hire a kayak or paddle board, go for a surf, a run, swim, bush walk, beach walk, explore your area on foot, join a new sporting club for the new year, find a yoga session to join, catch up on that gardening….keep your metabolism firing & you won’t be bringing home too much ‘excess baggage’!

8) Now you know what to ask for this Xmas

Ask for & give healthy gifts. A new blender / bullet / blaster / juicer / salad chopper / steamer / dehydrator….anything that encourages more fresh fruit & especially veggies to be eaten is a winner! A ball, a bike, a surfboard, a boogie board, a hula hoop, a kite, a cricket set, pool or beach toys…our kids are too sedentary with TV & gaming just dominating their leisure time – get them outdoors & go with them! A gym membership (be careful, they must want one & have said so) some dance / yoga / pilates classes, join you & a mate up! Make a big batch of healthy treats & give them to friends (maybe with the recipe) in pretty jars. Spread the good habits you’ve mastered to loved ones who may not have yet!

9) Plan

Pre-pack food before any outings, ie don’t get stuck at the beach with starving kids & only a fish & chip shop with ice creams (ok for a treat but just watch the entire holiday doesn’t revolve around this as a staple lunch!) Add some great picnic gear/an eski to your Xmas list & when you go out bring a heap of fresh fruit, veggies & healthy dips, nuts, olives, cheeses, wraps, salads etc.

10) Get some Supplements

Use supplements to help out if need be! Some that spring to mind as useful over Christmas are:

  • St Mary’s Thistle or a good liver formula designed to provide functional support & antioxidant protection (ask in your local health shop or pharmacy for a good liver detox supplement).
  • Turmeric is another great liver support you can add to your juices, smoothies, curries, salads etc. Fresh or powdered is great – or you can buy the capsules / powders mixed with black pepper & oil to increase bioavailability.
  • Adaptogen or adrenal tonic herbs like Siberian Ginseng & Rhodiola, to keep you energised & help take the edge off the Christmas craziness. Often found in combination with magnesium or B-Vitamins.
  • A good supergreens combo (for example Greens+Aloe). Green powders are a quick & convenient way to get your daily greens in when you’re too busy to stop and prepare a meal. Just fill a 600ml shaker bottle with lots of ice & water, add a good heaped teaspoon of green powder & shake. Add half an organic lemon or lime (peel too) to flavour if desired. Great to ‘drink & drive’ on your way to work / gym / school drop off etc (just don’t spill it – or your car & work outfit will be a lovely green ‘algae’ hue, done this before). Energy + detox support & the bonus is that greens will make your skin glow over the party season!